Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon Training: Weeks 1-2

Since the last time I wrote here, lots of things have changed! I started my next training cycle, got some new gear (more on that later this week), AND hit a major milestone!


That’s right! I hit 100 miles for the year on February 28th! It took longer than I wanted, but I still hit it and DANG did it feel good!

Also, I MAY have signed up for another half marathon. And it MAY be the race I swore I’d never do again. In my defense, it’s on a day I already have a 13 mile training run scheduled, so it will be supported. And my sisters are running the race as a relay, so I’ll have company for the whole thing. But yeah. I’ll be running the Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon as a training run for my half marathon. I don’t get it either.

Might as well get to the training log!

Monday, March 1
3 miles slow
Actual: 3 miles in 35:41 (11:54 pace)
Started this cycle off on the treadmill. I honestly have no memory of this run, so yeah.

Scheduled: 3 miles slow
I just didn’t do this run. No reason. Just didn’t want to. Great way to start a training cycle, right?

Saturday, March 5
Scheduled: 3 miles slow
Actual: 3 miles @ 12:15 pace (plus .64 cooldown)
I was texting my sister all morning about how little motivation I had to get out of bed and actually do the run. I was coming up with all sorts of reasons why I shouldn’t run. Then she told me she was headed out for 3 miles with our other sister, so I drove all the way across town to join them. Totally worth it!

Sunday, March 6
Scheduled: 5 miles @ 11:19-11:40 pace
Actual: 5 miles @ 11:21 pace
This was an incredible run! I felt so strong and like I could run 5 more miles! Ok, maybe not THAT strong, but honestly, this run reminded me why I do this!

Tuesday, March 8
Scheduled: 3 miles slow + strides
Actual: 3 miles @ 11:56 pace + 3 strides
I’d never done strides at the end of a run before, so this was a new challenge. I like it though! Strides are bursts of 20 seconds at 95% effort with a full 2 minute recovery after. They are at the end of runs to teach your legs how to keep turning over even when they are tired. These made me feel like a super fast runner, even though my stride paces were around 8-9 minutes/mile which isn’t all that fabulous, BUT STILL!

Thursday, March 10
Scheduled: 4 miles slow + strides
Actual: 4 miles @ 11:31 pace + 4 strides
I switched my run/walk intervals to one that would have had me going slower (2 run/1 walk) only I ran faster. So. Yeah. And the strides were around 9 minutes/mile.

Saturday, March 12
Scheduled: 4 miles @ 12:10-12:40 pace or slower
Actual: 4 miles @ 12:43 pace
Nice slow, casual run. I like these runs. They help lead me up to my long run but I can take my time and just enjoy myself. Plus the weather, again, was phenomenal!

Sunday, March 13
Scheduled: 6 miles @ 11:19-11:40 pace
Actual: 6 miles @ 11:31 pace
You know what I like best about the run/walk method? I don’t feel like I want to die at the end of my runs. I hit my pace goal but still don’t feel like I worked too hard. I will say I wish I had water with me. I’ll have to remember that for runs longer than 5 miles, I need something to drink! At least I think I figured out pre-run eating. Before this run I had two pieces of whole wheat toast with peanut butter and an apple. I had no feeling of crashing and burning. I had plenty of energy to keep me moving! I’d like to work on hitting the lower end of my pace goal, but as long as I stay between those numbers, I’m sure I’ll be fine!

How was your week? Run anywhere fun? With anyone fun? Race plans for the year?

Weekly miles: Feb 29-March 6 = 11.9, March 7-March 13 = 18.8
Yearly miles: 130.8
Team miles: 356.63


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