Galloway Method Review

Now that I have a bit of distance between the race and my time spent training with the Galloway Method, I thought it might be a good idea to go over some of my thoughts about it.

I found the training plan on Runkeeper as one of their 5k training plans. I’d used a different one before, but this plan was specifically for a sub-30 race. The Galloway Method is pretty common in the running world. It’s a run/walk program, with different amounts of time spent running and walking, depending on what pace you want to run. As someone who has NEVER completed a race without walking and only had one or two training runs without walking, this seemed like the program for me!

However, I was hesitant to like it at the start of the program. It felt like I was walking far too much. The last year I’d been working on going farther without needing to take a walk break, so it was frustrating being “forced” to walk when I didn’t feel like it.

But now that I put 8 weeks of training into it, I have to admit, I really like it! The whole concept behind the run/walk/run method is that you purposefully plan your walk breaks, and you start them right away BEFORE you become terribly fatigued (here’s a much better explaination). I really think that it allowed me to run faster during the running parts knowing that if I could only stick it out for 4 minutes, I’d be “rewarded” with a full minute walk break. Breaking runs into 5 minute increments makes the time pass by quickly!

The plan had three days a week of running: one week day with the 4/1 minute run/walk plan, one weekday with speed intervals, and a long weekend run with .5/.25 run/walk intervals. I really liked the long run intervals. I have the WORST habit of just running every run exactly the same way at whatever pace my body decides it wants to run. But keeping to the .5/.25 cycle kept my pace low and slow, the way long runs should be. And the 4/1 minute cycles helped me kick it in gear to get those legs moving a bit faster.

My training for the half marathon is starting next week, and I am absolutely planning on keeping the run/walk concept going. Again, my training plan is coming from Runkeeper, but each run has specific paces I’m supposed to hit, including very slow runs. I’m hoping that by sticking to the .5/.25 for the slow runs, and a timed run/walk for the faster runs I’ll be able to increase my stamina for the half. I don’t know if I’ll stick to the 4/1 intervals, though. My time goal is sub-2:30, which is about 11:27 pace. According to the Galloway Method, I should be running intervals at 2:30/1 to maintain that pace, rather than the 4/1 I was doing in attempting to sub-30 in the 5k (according to what I read here). Considering I’ll be running a heck of a lot further during the half, it might not be a bad idea to shorten up the running segments. Well, I’ll try it out for a while, and see where it takes me!

So, in conclusion, I really like the Galloway Method. It helped me stay focused on the goal at hand (increasing speed AND stamina) and helped me actually feel good at the ends of my runs!

In other news, I did some running this week. I’m only 12.76 miles short of 100 for the year, and I’m hoping I’ll get that this week!

I look superbly weird in this picture. I blame the hat. And the scarf. At least the view behind me is nice!

I look superbly weird in this picture. I blame the hat. And the scarf. At least the view behind me is nice!

Weekly miles: 16
Yearly miles: 87.24/1000
Team miles: 245.58/2016


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