Valentine’s Day TC 5k: Race Recap

Official Time: 33:35 (10:46 pace)


You’re reading that correctly. Negative 6 degrees. Fahrenheit. Even the Turkey Trot I did in 2014 wasn’t this cold! And I swore I’d never do another cold weather race like that again. But then I signed up for the MNy Summit Challenge, which means if I DNS this race, I’d miss out on the special medal I get at the end of the year for running 4 different races. And I wasn’t about to pass that up.

So I sucked it up, layered up (shorts, two pairs of pants, two shirts, two jackets, scarf, head covering, hat, and gloves), and got out there and gave it as much as I could on a day like that.

It was cold. So cold. My toes started going numb within about 10 minutes of getting out of the warm car. I kept moving, though, marching in place, jumping, doing whatever I could to keep the blood flowing in my feet, and that seemed to work.

We had some layers on. Just a couple.

We had some layers on. Just a couple.

We only had about 30 minutes to wait in the cold before the race started, but it was enough to freeze everything up! My GPS refused to find a signal, so I had to use it as a stopwatch, which didn’t really work anyway since I didn’t get that started until about a minute in. So basically I was running naked.

I mostly warmed up quickly and felt pretty good throughout. I’d been having some shin pain last week leading up to the race, so I was nervous about pain during the race. Thankfully it seemed to hold off.

The first mile FLEW by, the second mile was kinda sucky, and the third mile was awful. I knew by mile 2 I wasn’t going to sub-30, and I was worried I wouldn’t even PR. I was falling fast and finding it harder and harder to breathe. I kept trying to tell myself it was the cold and the layers holding me back. My watch wasn’t helpful in giving me my time, nor was the clock at the finish line, since that showed gun time, and I started about 3 minutes after the gun.

It wasn’t until I went online to check results that I saw I PRed with the 33:35. My previous 5k PR was 34:46, so I took 1:11 off my time. It wasn’t my A or B goal, but it was a PR on a terribly cold day, so I’m calling it a win!

The next race is a 5k in about 4 weeks. I’m not sure if I’ll be going for that sub-30 again, or taking it easy, since I will have started half marathon training by then. We’ll see how I’m feeling the week of. But for now, race #1 of the year is over, and I started the year off with a PR! Not too shabby!

The medal is ho-hum, but the shirt is my new favorite! Awesome material, even better design!

The medal is ho-hum, but the shirt is my new favorite! Awesome material, even better design!


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