Valentine’s Day 5k Training: Week 5

This was a great week of training! I hit a decent pace for my timed run, ran the fastest I’ve ever run on a treadmill during my hard run, and had a fabulous easy run with my sister. I’ve also ended the month with 51.1 miles run! My best month so far has been just over 58 miles, so I’m already kicking butt towards my year-long mileage goal!


Here’s a fun little graphic I got from Runkeeper. You can see my track (in blue) is slightly below where it should be to get me to my goal by the end of the year, but I’m not worried. I’ll be putting up a ton of mileage once half training starts in May.


Scheduled: 30 minutes, 4/1 minutes run/walk
Actual: 2.86 miles in 30:00 (10:29 pace)
I didn’t make it much further than last week’s timed run, however this run FELT better. I wasn’t completely exhausted by the end and felt like I was driving the treadmill, rather than the other way around.

Scheduled: rest
Actual: 45 minutes Arc Trainer
Some low-impact cardio. Gotta love it!

Scheduled: 12×400 fast with .15 walking in between
Actual: 4.8 miles in 56:29 (11:46 pace)
First of all, I have to be honest. I have no idea if my finish time was 56:29 or 57:29. I was so focused on watching the seconds as I was finishing my last fast interval that I barely noticed the minutes. So I went with the faster of the two times because I can. Also, this run was fun because I got the treadmill up to speeds I’d never before seen, AND I DIDN’T DIE!! I actually felt really comfortable during the runs and was a teeny bit disappointed when they ended. I finished the run feeling sufficiently tired, but not completely, drop dead tired. This was also my last long interval session, too, so YAY!

Scheduled: 1 “magic mile”
Actual: 5.03 miles in 1:06:31 (13:13 pace)
I was dog-sitting at my sister’s house this weekend, and wanted to run in the park near her house. My other sister lives in that area, too, and she wanted to join me. So we met up and ran 5 slow, conversational miles. We walked up hills, walked when we couldn’t talk more than 2 words per breath, and ran slowly when we did. It felt incredible! We got back and I felt like I could have done 5 more! There really is a benefit to running jogging walk/jogging slowly!

Next week has a timed run, 4×400 intervals, and a last long run before race day. I’m on the final stretch of this cycle! It feels good to be able to finish strong and be ready to tackle the half marathon training starting in March!

Weekly miles: 12.7
Yearly miles: 51.1
Team miles: 143.58


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