Super Bowl BINGO!

Ok, so this isn’t a traditional running post. HOWEVER, I feel like the contents of this post are interesting enough for a wide variety of people, so I’m putting it here. So there.

Anyway. Every year my husband and I place bets on the Super Bowl. For years he simply Googled various topics to bet on (i.e. the over/under on the length of the National Anthem as well as other more traditional topics like first to score, etc.). He put these lines on one list as yes/no choices. Then we’d flip a coin to see who would get yes or no for each one, and whoever had the most correct at the end of the night was the winner.

This worked for some time, but even still, I’d get bored after halftime. So last year we tried something different. Tim looked up about 30 different potential game and entertainment outcomes and put them on BINGO boards. I had SO much fun paying attention to the game, waiting patiently to see a cactus or to see if Seattle would get a safety! I actually ended up winning my Garmin on the “implied nudity” box with during a trailer for 50 Shades of Grey!

I posted our boards on Instagram and our friends really seemed to like them and wished we would have made them available to them. So this year we did that! Tim found 44 or 45 different game or entertainment outcomes and made 6 different BINGO cards. The topics range from “challenge flag” and “missed kick” to “Panthers owner, looking confused” and “Seth Rogan wearing spandex.”

So without further rambling, here is the link to the PDF with all 6 Superb Owl BINGO boards: Superb Owl Bingo

Feel free to print them, use them, send them to friends, whatever! Just please credit Tim if you share it online (by way of linking back to this blog post or if you’re friends with him on Facebook, tag him or this blog ).

Let me know if you use them, and what you think of them! And play responsibly. We can’t be held responsible if you lose and owe your significant other a debt you don’t want to pay!


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