Valentine’s Day TC 5k Training: Week 4

This was my highest mileage week in a long time. I’m also the most tired I’ve been in a long time. These facts may be related. I have no more overall news. I’m boring this week.


Scheduled: 30 minutes, 4/1 min run/walk
Actual: 2.85 miles in 30:00 (10:32 pace)
I made it a tenth of a mile further than last week’s 30 minute run, so there’s improvement! I still have to get it another minute per mile faster to reach my A goal, but I’m getting there.

Scheduled: 10×400 with .15 walk break
Actual: 4 miles in 49:02 (12:15 pace)
The treadmill was set at 6.5 for the run intervals, and it didn’t feel great. I didn’t feel like I was struggling to keep up with the belt, but it’s certainly not easy. On the plus side, setting the speed on the ‘mill for 6.1 feels downright leisurely, so that’s progress!

Scheduled: 5k test run
Actual: 3.11 miles in 32:50 (10:33 pace)
While technically this was my fastest 5k, it’s still not where I’d like to be. It’s not even at my B goal. I also have to remember this was at 5:30 in the morning, and immediately after chugging a cup of coffee. I actually felt like I was going to puke by the end. Lesson learned.

Scheduled: 5.5 miles, .5 run/.25 walk
Actual: 5.82 miles in 1:11:11 (12:14 pace)
Stupid runkeeper messed up somehow and I ended up running much further than needed. It’s not terrible, just irritating. And I wore my garmin with the intention of using it as a back up in case runkeeper failed, but it was low on batteries and acting wonky. In any case, I did the run outside in the cold. And it was freezing. It took me a solid three hours to finally feel warm again. Also, cement is MUCH harder when it’s frozen. My knees were not a fan of me for a while there.

This next week of training will be the last week of intense running, followed by a week of lighter weekday runs plus a 7 mile long run, followed by race week! At this point I’m certain I’ll PR, it’s just a matter of how much time I’ll shave off. I might have to be realistic with myself and know that a sub-30 might not happen this time around, but I’m not going to stop giving it my all!

Weekly miles: 15.8
Yearly miles: 38.4/1000
Team miles: 105.03/2016

Our team hit our first milestone this week! GO TEAM!!

Our team hit our first milestone this week! GO TEAM!!


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