Valentine’s Day TC 5k Training: Week 3

Here we are, week 3, and I’ve finally skipped my first scheduled run. In my defense it was cold. Bitter cold. Too cold to even bundle up and go to the gym. And in FURTHER defense, it was only a mile run. A single mile. I’m not gonna bundle up, drive 15 minutes to the gym, pound out a mile in 10ish minutes, then drive 15 minutes back home. Not worth it.

This week, however, the schedule ramps up quite a bit! My long run this week will be 5.5 miles (which, oddly, I’m really looking forward to!) PLUS there’s a 5K test thrown in to check my fitness level. I’m looking forward to having a run where I’m not stuck with set intervals and just doing my own thing.


Scheduled: 30 minutes, 4/1 minute run/walk
Actual: 2.75 miles in 30:00 (10:55 pace)
My notes from this run say that it hurt and that I walked a bit more than I should have. I have no actual memory of this run, so…. yeah.

Scheduled: Rest
Actual: Cross-training (60 minutes arc-trainer)
I just zoned out and watched “Making a Murderer.” Plus it was nice to have a lower impact cardio sesh.

Scheduled: 8×400 with .15 walk break
Actual: 3 miles in 36:57 (12:19 pace)
I short-changed myself a bit on this run. I was wearing pants that don’t exactly stay put until I get sweaty, so I had to cut my first interval short to try and pull my pants back up. I’m sure it was fine, but it felt awkward and all I could think about was feeling like my butt was hanging out, so it was worth it to stop and fix it.

Scheduled: 1 magic mile
Actual: Rest
I was supposed to run one mile at a “fast” effort, then add 35 seconds to the pace to get an idea of where I could be on race day. It’s supposed to be a fitness check-in. Before Saturday, I felt strange only having one mile on the schedule, so I was going to maybe see about doing a few more. But then the day of came and it was cold. And Sunday came and it was colder. And I said, forget it! It’s only one mile I’m skipping, I’ll survive.

Weekly miles: 5.75
Yearly miles: 22.62/1000
Team miles: 61.18/2016



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