Valentine’s Day TC 5k Training: Week 1

On Monday of this week, I started training for the Valentine’s Day TC 5k. As I said in my last post, my goal for this race is to run it under 30 minutes, which would mean shaving almost 5 minutes off my current PR time. I decided to pick a training plan within RunKeeper (friend me over there!). Their sub-30 plan is actually Jeff Galloway’s plan.

Jeff Galloway is the king of the run/walk/run strategy, so there is a lot of walking. This is kind of strange for me. I’ve been working towards running further with fewer walk breaks. But he touts that with regular, scheduled “rest” (walk) breaks, you can actually run faster and improve your time. It seems strange that walking more will help me run faster, but I’m going to trust this plan.

It’s only been a week, and the plan has started off very slowly, but that’s OK with me. Before this week the last time I ran was Thanksgiving Day, so starting nice and slow with low mileage runs is just fine by me! I’m looking forward to seeing improvements as the weeks go on!

Here are my dailies:

Scheduled – 20 minutes, 4 min/1 min run/walk.
Actual – 1.73 miles in 20:00 (11:34 pace)
First day back to running, first time back in the gym in a long time. I liked the walk intervals since I was feeling mighty creaky!

Scheduled – 4×400 run with .16 walk break.
Actual – 1.7 miles in 19:15 (11:19 pace)
This started with what should have been a 5 minute warm up, but was only about 2 minutes. Then I chose to run some of the walk breaks at a slower pace than the run intervals, which I don’t know was the best idea. I think the next time I’ll set the treadmill at a faster pace for the run and actually walk during the walk breaks.

Scheduled – 3 miles, .5 run/.25 walk
Actual – 3.05 miles in 37:27 (12:17 pace)
I did this run outside, and it actually felt pretty good! I’m trying not to focus on the slow pace for a few reasons. One – this was the longest run I completed in over a month and it’s taken a bit to get back into my groove. Two – these weekend runs are supposed to be done slowly. Part of where I failed in 2015 was not taking my long, slow runs slow enough. I just went out and ran whatever pace I could that day. So I’m hoping my purposely doing these runs at a slower pace than the rest of the week I’ll actually properly rest my body and actually get faster.

Scheduled – Rest
Actual – 1 mile in 12:05 and 30 minutes circuit training.
This plan actually has me running only 3 days a week, so I’m adding some strength and cross training into my weekly plan. Plus also I made a goal to see how long I could go in a run streak, so I’ve decided to run or walk at least one mile a day. So on rest days, I’ll either slowly jog or walk a mile just to keep the streak going and add to my 1,000 mile goal. The circuit training was new. I belong to Planet Fitness and they have a 30 minute circuit cycle. I gave it a try as a way to both cross and strength train. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet, though. I’ll give it a few more tries before forming an opinion.

Weekly miles: 7.48
Yearly miles: 4.05/1000
Team miles: 9/2016


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