Looking towards 2016

::Blow cobwebs out of the computer::

Hi there! Long time, no see, eh? Since I last wrote, I ran one more race and kind of took some time off running. After the Twin Cities 10 Mile, I did an abbreviated training plan for the St. Paul Turkey Trot 10K. I ended up getting a HUGE PR, shaving about 5 minutes off my previous 10K time, set at the 2014 St. Paul Turkey Trot.

Then I took some unscheduled time off. I just …. didn’t run. I took some time to really reevaluate my running goals. I looked back at all the many races I’d done this year, and learned a few things.

I learned the importance of actually sticking to a training plan. I learned that simply heading out the door and running the number of scheduled miles at whatever pace I could isn’t actually a smart way to get faster or have better endurance. I learned that while running a large quantity of races is fun (I added 10 bibs to my race wall!!), it’s not the way for me to improve.

I learned that I no longer want to race “to finish.” I want to hit pace goals. I want to learn how to properly train. I want to smash some PRs!

This coming year I want to focus on QUALITY. I have a few races already on the calender, but not many. I signed up for the Twin Cities MNy Summit Challenge – three 5Ks and the Twin Cities 10 Mile. I’m currently training for the first 5K Valentine’s weekend. After that, training for the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon starts. During that cycle, there’s a 5K in March, which happens to fit right into my training plan. The half is in June, followed by a Fourth of July 5K. After that, training for the Twin Cities 10 Mile will start, and I will likely sign up for another half marathon the weekend after that race. And finally, the traditional Turkey Trot 10K.

That makes seven races. Only three less than 2015, but they are spaced out a bit more and either fit right into training cycles, or are goal races.

As far as running goals, here they are:

  1. PR the Valentine’s Day 5K. “A” goal is sub-30, “B” goal is sub-32, “C” goal is sub-34. (Current PR is 34:46)
  2. Sub 2:30 at Garry Bjorklund. This means shaving over 9 minutes off my current PR, but I’m confident if I follow my plan closely and actually hit my target pace goals (including actually doing a SLOW easy long run) I can pull it off.
  3. Run 2,016 miles combined with my sisters.
    a. Run 1,000 miles on my own (and as part of my contribution to the 2,016 miles). This is a HUGE increase from my last year of running, but based on the training plans already on the calendar and what I may add this summer, I’ll hit 800 miles by mid-October, so the last 200 shouldn’t be too hard to hit.

So there ya have it. Big goals, but if I stick to my plans, I should be able to meet them. I hope.


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