Twin Cities 10 Mile Training: Week 1

Yes, that’s right. After only a week off, I’m back at it once again. This time I’m training for a slightly shorter race, only 10 miles this time. I have only seven weeks to train, but since I don’t have a time goal in mind for this race, I think the shortened time frame will be OK.

Why no time goal you ask? Quite frankly, I’m running this race to enjoy it. It’s run the same day and on the same final 7 miles as the Twin Cities Marathon. How often do you get to run a race on such a well known course, with incredible course support? Heck, I’m planning on even running without my headphone just so I can soak every moment in!

That said, it’s not going to be an easy race. There is a steady, hard uphill that starts at mile 4 and continues all the way to mile 7. With my inability to run hills (due to lack of hills in my neighborhood, thus lack of hill training), this could prove to be a problem.

However, I have plans to work around it. I’m hoping that I can do each of my Sunday long run on that hill, developing my strategies for tackling that portion of the race so I can finish strong. Unfortunately I slept in this week and wasn’t able to hit it, but next week, it’s on!!

Here’s how my first week went down:

2.06 miles in 23:49 (11:35 pace)
I didn’t want to start right away with a three mile run, I wanted to build up to it. This was a good strategy. I felt strong for each of my runs this week, and it was nice to see some lower paces than I have been seeing all summer.

2.52 miles in 27:49 (11:01 pace)
This was a fun run! I had negative splits throughout, and I was reminded how much better I feel running in the afternoon than I do first thing in the morning.

3.02 miles in 35:10 (11:39 pace)
This run did not feel good, but I’m blaming Mother Nature’s womanly ways. I ran to my son’s soccer practice, which I did last year, too. It’s cool seeing the difference in my times last year as compared to this year!

4 miles in 47:20 (11:50 pace)
There were wind gusts from 20-25 miles per hour. And it felt like I was constantly running into the wind. It was HARD!! Oh, and I was HANGRY!! It felt like my stomach was actually trying to eat itself. I spent the last 1.5 miles dreaming of what I was going to eat.

I’m hoping to get to the gym once or twice this week for some cross training, but we’ll see if/when that happens.

Summer is winding down around here. We have one more week left before the boy heads off to Kindergarten and I start my first paying job in two years! Watch my training go down the drain once our new schedule starts 😉


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