Matt Lee Classic 5K: Recap

Unofficial Time: 2.94 miles in 36:18 (12:25 pace)

This might be one of the best pictures of the two of us! And it was taken by our 5 year old!

This might be one of the best pictures of the two of us! And it was taken by our 5 year old!

This past spring, after successfully convincing my mom to sign up for a 5K, I thought I’d get to work on my husband, Tim. We wanted to do one that ended at Target Field (where the MN Twins play) and has Twins players handing out medals, but that was STUPID expensive for a “fun run” (not timed) AND it was a week before my half, so that wasn’t a good idea. Then I found one in a small town near where he grew up. A town where some of his school friends were from and where he played many baseball games. He reluctantly agreed, even though the race starts and ends on top of a GIANT hill!

The Matt Lee Classic 5K is put on by the Matt Lee Community, a local non-profit. The race was started as a way to raise money to fix up a local playground. In fact, while we were running, Tim’s parents took the kids to that new playground, and they told me it was “so fun!”

This race was a VERY small race! If there were over 100 people running/walking I’ll eat my shirt. This year was a new course, two laps around the town, which meant running up a giant hill twice. But the route was shady, so despite it being hot, it wasn’t terrible. Plus there were kids with squirt guns on the course which provided sweet, sweet relief!

Like I mentioned yesterday, the course was 2.94 miles, so not a true 5K, but they don’t advertise it as a certified course, so I didn’t mind. Besides, I’d already run 7 miles that morning!

For goodies, we got a bag with some granola bars, a beer coozy, and a sea-foam green cotton tee shirt. Oh, and after the race there was a giant cooler with water and Gatorade that we could help ourselves to. Like I said, this was a SMALL race!

Blurry picture brought to you by shaking hands due to extreme coffee consumption.

Blurry picture brought to you by shaking hands due to extreme coffee consumption.

There was a kid’s run, too, which the boy was very excited for! I got a GREAT picture of him literally flying his way to the finish line!

As far as our performance, we weren’t great. I was tired from getting up early and having run already, and Tim wasn’t well trained. Turns out during the few training runs he’d done, he ran WAY too fast! When the start gun went off, he took off like a shot! I had to call him back and remind him this wasn’t a track meet! I paced him (which is weird to think about me pacing someone since my pace is so slow) and he was able to run much longer stretches than he’d done before. And like I mentioned yesterday, it was fun to have that time with just us, even though after a while I told him to stop talking so we could save our breath.

We didn’t push ourselves, we took walk breaks, and we got our butts kicked by a very pregnant woman pushing a stroller with two kids. That one hurt my pride a bit. But we did it!

And Tim would like you to know that he has now retired from the sport of running. He’ll do another one with me, but only if we can walk the whole way, which I agreed to.


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