Gopher to Badger Half Marathon Training: Week 8

This week started off with the lowest of low slumps, but ended on a high note! Earlier this spring I convinced my husband to run a 5K with me, which we did on Saturday. I’ll have a full review of the race tomorrow (hopefully) but I will say that it was fun to have time just me and the hubs, even if it was only 36 minutes and we were running and not sitting at a bar or at a movie theater.

As far as my mental blocks, I think I was able to get past them and have a pretty good week. I hit all my scheduled miles with ease. My run on Wednesday was supposed to be run at goal pace, which for me is between 11:20-11:30. I hit them at 11:09 pace and my splits were fairly consistent! My long run was close to my goal pace (at least the first part of my scheduled 10 miles).

Next week is a bit of a step back week, with my long run at only a 10K. Should be a fun one, too, since I’ll be on vacation. I’ve already mapped it out and as it turns out, the road our resort is on is almost exactly 3 miles long, so just an out and back on that road will be perfect! I just hope I don’t run into a bear or a moose. Actually, I want to see both of them, just from the safety of my car.

3.04 miles in 34:42 (11:26 pace)
I was still feeling pretty creaky and cranky during this run. I did NOT want to do it AT ALL. I was still super upset about my weekend runs. Usually when I get home from a run, even one I didn’t want to do, I feel happy that I did it. Not this time. I got home and went back to bed.

5 miles in 55:50 (11:09 pace)
I tried something new and ran after the kids went to bed, around 8pm. It ended up feeling GREAT and my pace was on point! My goal pace for the race is 11:25ish (to get a 2:30 time) so running 5 miles faster than goal pace felt pretty good. This was about when I started coming back out of my slump. Running in the evening is a great way to get rid of all the “yuck” of the day.

3 miles in 33:25 (11:08 pace)
Ran after bedtime again. It was warmer than yesterday and much more humid, so this run felt like a LOT more work than the day before. I was actually DRIPPING sweat when I got back. It wasn’t pretty.

6.9 miles in 1:19:30 (11:30 pace) + 2.94 miles in 36:18 (12:25 pace)
I had 10 miles on the schedule today, but thankfully I was able to break it up due to a 5K race that day. Despite knowing I wouldn’t have to run any more than 7 miles at a time, I was still freaked out about it. I got up at 5am so I could run those 7 miles before we had to leave for the race. The weather was quite nice and I felt really strong throughout.

Around mile 4, however, I became DESPERATE for water. While the temps were cool, it was still humid and I was sweating up a storm. My mouth was PARCHED. I was honestly considering just going home so I could have a drink! Shortly after, I ran past our neighborhood pool. I thought it only made sense to have a water fountain there, since there’s so much water as it was! I also considered breaking in just to drink the chlorinated water. But then, there it was!! Like a shining beacon in the night, a wild water fountain appeared! I may have just stood there with the water flowing over my mouth without actually drinking for a while. It just felt so GOOD!

I was recharged and powered through the last two miles. I was running a new route, and I missed a zig-zag, so I was short .1 miles. I figured that would be ok knowing I’d be running 3.1 miles later. Unfortunately that race was short, too, but I’m still calling this a successful 10 mile day! (I’ll have a review of the race tomorrow)

Total miles: 21 (rounding up is fun!)


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