Gopher to Badger Half Marathon Training: Week 7

(I wrote most of this post earlier this week when I was really feeling down on myself. It’s now Friday and I’ve finished all of my weekday runs with great success. I’m not saying I’m over my slump. We’ll have to see how tomorrow’s long run goes. But for now, things are swinging back up.)

I could focus on all the negative things that happened this week where my training is concerned. I could obsess over my slow times. I could whine about how I feel like I’m not getting any faster or how I feel like my endurance is tanking. I could  talk about how I feel like dropping out of this race.

But I won’t.

I will focus on the positive things, of which there were many. I fully completed 3 of my four scheduled runs, and was only 1.5 miles short on the 4th. I ran TWICE while on vacation, despite lack of sleep (in a tent on a cot), poor diet, and poor hydration. I pushed my limits and challenged myself for my long run, and while it wasn’t my best, at least I tried. Plus, it’s always fun to run in a new location!

3 miles in 34:45 (11:32 pace)
I ran my usual route in reverse. I did not like it. Regardless, I need a new three mile loop because this one is getting BORING.

3 miles in 32:35 (10:53 pace)
Did my usual route correctly. It was at 4:30 in the afternoon, so it felt HOT. I ran fast so I could get home faster.

4 miles in 46:58 (11:44 pace)
This was supposed to be a race, but some lines got crossed and I ended up not going. This ended up being a good thing since this was after our first night in the tent which did NOT go well. So I ran 4 miles in the state park we were camping in, which was actually a lot of fun! I stuck to the main road, though. I didn’t want to run any trails because I didn’t know how well groomed they would be, and I tend to be a mosquito magnet, and a hot sweaty body is like a shining beacon in the mosquito’s life.

7.5 miles in 1:36:26 (12:52 pace)
I think I complained about this run enough in my post earlier this week. On the plus side, I did most of it. I could have totally skipped it, using all kinds of vacation related excuses, but I didn’t. So there’s the silver lining I guess 🙂

Total miles: 17.5


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