Gopher to Badger Half Marathon Training: Week 6

First of all, yes, I did skip weeks 4 and 5. Don’t worry about those. They weren’t pretty. You can check my RunKeeper account if you’re really curious.

So, Week 6. Almost 100% on track, just short .6 miles one morning, which isn’t all that bad! I will say that it is getting HOT. If I can get out the door before 7am, it’s fine, but any time after 9 is too much. The humidity is higher, the temps are higher, and I get SLOWER. PLUS when I don’t get up at 6 to run, I have to either take the kids with in the stroller, which slows me down even more, OR I have to wait until the evening when it’s even hotter, which, no thank you.

So this week I ended up getting up at 6 only once, then I had to use the stroller twice, and my long run started too late and ended REALLY hot and REALLY slow.

3 miles in 33:31 (11:09 pace)
6am wake up mean cooler temps. Cooler temps mean faster Nicci.

3.4 miles in 41:20 (12:11 pace)
Sleeping in means warmer temps and stroller pushing. Both mean MUCH slower Nicci. This run was extra fun because it ended at a play date. That was probably the smelliest play date I’ve ever been on!

3 miles in 36:25 (12:08 pace)
I hate running with the stroller. You’d think that would be better motivation to get up early.

8 miles in 1:33:59 (11:46 pace)
I wanted to get this run finished by 9:30, but I didn’t get out of bed early enough and I dragged my feet getting ready and out the door, so I didn’t get started until closer to 9am. I ran along Shepard Road in St. Paul so I could get some hills. The first half was alright, but not too hilly. The second half had more hills and it was MUCH hotter.



I’m not terribly pleased with my splits, but then again, this was my first full week of training in a while, plus heat, yada yada whatever. There is lots of room for improvement, and I have 6 weeks to work on that. Plus acclimate to running in the heat. Because hot.

Total miles: 17.4


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