Lederhosenlauf 5K: Recap

Official Time: 53:46 (17:19 pace)

This is the best we looked all morning!

This is the best we looked all morning!

A few months ago I was searching for some summer races when I stumbled across the Lederhosenlauf. It’s put on through the Germanic-American Institute in St. Paul, and, being the good German I am, I thought this would be a fun race to do. I invited my sister along since she’s a teacher in the German Immersion School. As we got to talking and planning summer racing (including Lola’s relay), we thought that maybe two weekends in a row of racing wasn’t a great idea.

We took that opportunity to encourage our mom to sign up with us to walk the race. Then we decided to invite our two other sisters as well (one couldn’t make it though, bummer!). After some freaking out that she wouldn’t be able to do it hesitation, my mom agreed, but only because there would be beer at the end!

So for eight weeks my mom trained. Each Saturday after her long walk of the week, she’d send me a screen shot of her time and distance, getting more and more confident as the weeks went on. When the day finally came, my mom kicked ASS!!


Lederhosen Lauf Finish line

I was mostly clapping because I was happy to be out of the rain.

As we got to the finish line, my sisters and I started clapping for our mom. She had overcome a lot of obstacles that day, most of them more mental than anything else. And guess what? She’s already planning her next 5K! And yes, that one ends with beer, too 😉

Beer: Everyone's favorite motivation ... even at 9am!

Beer: Everyone’s favorite motivation … even at 9am! Plus also, I hear the drowned rat look is really in this year.

After the race, we had the option of either a German brat with saurkraut or a giant pretzel. The brats were good, but I just couldn’t stomach one that early in the morning. The beer was hard enough as it was, but I choked it down. You do NOT turn down “free” Paulaner Hefeweizen. Ever.

Other race details: This was a small race, only about 220 participants. This actually made it a lot more fun! We didn’t get lost in a shuffle of bodies, the lines for food went quickly, and there were plenty of seats in the covered tents to eat our post-race goodies!

The course support was great! It was fun being in the back of the pack and having the volunteers cheering us on and playfully teasing us! Everyone was in a great mood despite the weather, and I think that totally made the difference.

The course was in a gorgeous part of St. Paul: around the Cathedral then and out and back on Selby Ave. Selby houses a LOT of great shops and restaurants, and I came close to ditching out and stopping for coffee at one point!

Oh, and did I mention it was raining? Well, not so much raining as much as a steady drizzling mist for the ENTIRE race. I took my glasses off at one point because, what’s the point? The weather was not the most cooperative, but I’d rather it be raining than 80 degrees and humid!

I’m not gonna lie, the shirt isn’t my favorite:

The wrinkles are because I took the shirt out of the clean clothes basket, where it has been sitting for several days.

The wrinkles are because I took the shirt out of the clean clothes basket, where it has been sitting for several days.

It’s a plain cotton tee shirt, which is actually really soft and comfy, but the blue background with the German colors just do NOT look good. So this will go into my retired race shirt pile/pajama drawer. But at least I got a pretzel and a beer!

But seriously, I’m so proud of my mom for doing this. I know she was really scared to tackle something like this, and the fact that she even signed up was awesome. But to see her finish AND want to do another was awesome.

Way to go, Mom!


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