Gopher to Badger Half Marathon Training: Week 3

Well kids, after just two weeks of staying on track, the wheels fell off in Week 3. I only did one of my scheduled weekday runs. Oops. And I have no good reason why I didn’t. I just …. didn’t. So this post will be rather light, especially since one of the two runs I did this week was a race, and you can just read the recap for that one.

2.08 miles in 21:26 (10:17 pace) + 1.68 miles in 18:12 (10:49 pace)

I ran to and then from my son’s tee ball game. And my pace was ON POINT! Dang, yo! When Tim passed me in the car with the kids on the way to the game, he told me I was moving at a decent clip and had the best form he’s ever seen me have! I’m gonna CRUSH my next 5K race!

7.2 miles in 1:22:11 (11:25 pace)

This was the race, which you can read about here. I kept trying to remind myself that this wasn’t ACTUALLY a race for me, just a training run, but my endorphins did not agree with me.

Looking ahead to Week 4: I have three job interviews. I cannot WAIT for the day I can say I have a job and can stop interviewing everywhere! I’m also walking a 5K on Saturday with my mom for her first 5K! I’m so excited, but mostly because it’s for a German festival and I’m excited for the beer afterwards. I like beers after races.

So that’s my boring, Week 3 update. Anything exciting going on in your life? Run any fun races? Have any awesome milestones, running or otherwise?


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