Lola’s Lake Waconia Half Marathon Relay: Recap

Overall Time: 2:29:08 (11:24 pace)
Leg One: 1:06:57 (5.9 miles)
Leg Two: 1:22:11 (7.2 miles)

I take very unfortunate post-race pictures. I look so awkward in hats!!

I take very unfortunate post-race pictures. I look so awkward in hats!!

You know that scene in the movie Bad Boys when Will Smith’s character is finally pleased with Martin Lawrence’s driving he says “Now THAT’S how you supposed drive! From now on, THAT’S how you drive!” Well, that’s how I now feel about half marathon relays. THAT’S how you’re supposed to do half marathons: doing only half of it with a friend doing the other half. From now on, THAT’S how I half marathon!

No but really, by running with my sister I shaved 10 minutes off my half marathon time! No, I’m not making this a PR, since I didn’t run the full thing, but it was still a fun way to run!

It all started when my sister told me she wanted to start training for a 10K, but didn’t know of any good 10K races in late spring/early summer. Then I found Lola’s Lake Waconia Half Marathon Relay and thought it’d be perfect for someone ready to run a 10K, and once I told her, she was super excited about the idea! Plus the entry fee included lunch AND two beers! We ended up having a very lovely morning together (Other than the three hours we spent apart while running/waiting to run).

So, race details. I can’t speak to how the first 6 miles went down. I know the course ran through the little town of Waconia for three miles before heading out to run about three miles around the lake. I then ran the last 7 miles around Lake Waconia.

My leg was …. interesting. It started with an uphill, but it wasn’t as terrible as I thought. In fact, looking back, I think there were really only two hills that took everything out of me. That’s not to say this wasn’t a hilly course. But having survived the Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon, no race will EVER equal that one in hills! I also discovered that “Danger Zone” from the Top Gun soundtrack is an EXCELLENT way to motivate me up a hill!

There was a good maybe 2 mile stretch on a dirt road that wasn’t the best quality. There were lots of rather large rocks in the road. I stepped on a couple and almost rolled my ankle, so I started zig zagging a bit to run on more packed surfaces.

And then the end. Oh lord the end. Allow me to share the elevation chart:

Lola's Elevation


You’ll notice the lowest point of the race was immediately before the highest point of the race. Both of which occurred at the very end. The murderous end. I’d done so well keeping the 11:30 pacer behind me, but once she passed me on the last uphill section, I didn’t even care. I let her pass and wished her well!

I like to be all over the dang place.

I like to be all over the dang place.

Overall, this race was a lot of fun! I might even do it again next year!

Other things to note about this race: If half marathons or even half marathon relays aren’t your thing, there’s also a 10 mile race (which just goes around the lake), a 5K, AND a “Dog Day 5K” which you do with your dog! And, as all the runs in the MN Run Series have had so far, there’s a kid’s race, too. Plus also, beer.

Ugh, that hat. I wish I didn't love wearing it so much!

Ugh, that hat. I wish I didn’t love wearing it so much!

This was my 5th race in the MN Run Series. They hosted the Mill City Suds Run, the St. Paul Turkey Trot, Goldy’s Run, and the Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon. These races are always so well organized. There’s great swag at each, in fact the tee shirts have been all race quality and really great quality! Plus the medals are nothing to scoff at! They also have field limits for each of the races, and many sell out because of that. There are other race organizers in town that DON’T have a cap and it ends up being ridiculously crowded and not everyone gets the promised swag (so I’ve heard. I haven’t done a race with this organization yet, and likely won’t because they are NOT cheap).

The picture isn't great, but the shirt is my new favorite!

The picture isn’t great, but the shirt is my new favorite!

So far in 2015 I’ve run 4 of the 5 races I’ve registered for (one being the DNS due to extreme cold), and have 5 more coming up this summer alone! I think I might have an addiction.

Now, who wants to support my habit and buy me more race entries?


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