Gopher to Badger Half Marathon Training: Week 2

Week 2 is over and out. It was fairly uneventful. I was 1.5 miles short on one run, but 1.2 miles over on another. So it balances out. Probably. Who knows.

Next weekend I’ll be running the Lola’s Half Marathon Relay with my sister. She’s running the first 6 miles of the half, and I’ll run the final 7.1 miles. I’m really looking forward to it, especially since registration fees include lunch!

Oh, and I bought a SPIbelt because I’m tired of my arm band. I have a Nathan belt, but that has two water bottles and I don’t need to carry water or gels under 7-8 miles. I wanted something for the shorter runs to hold my phone so I don’t have to use the arm band. It took a bit of getting used to, but after a while I didn’t even realize it was there. I can wear it nice and low, right at my hips, which my other belt can’t do, so I’m able to keep it under my shirt and out of the way.


3.07 miles in 37:49 (12:18 pace)

Memorial weekend kind of messed up my internal calendar, so I didn’t get my first run of the week in until Wednesday. I managed to make it the entire scheduled three miles while pushing the two year old in the stroller!! I’d just gotten word that morning that I didn’t get a job I was certain I would get. The anger fueled my run and pushed me to complete the whole thing even though it hurt. Sure enough, as soon as I was home I felt pretty awesome, and was able to move on from my disappointing news and have a good day!

1.53 miles in 17:43 (11:38 pace)
Yeah. I’m pretending this run didn’t happen. It happened after a day of crap eating, not drinking, and PMS bloating. Not cool.

3.04 miles in 34:20 (11:18 pace)
I was hungover for this run. Mile one felt gross. Mile two felt great. Mile three made me want to die. But it’s runs like these that make me stronger, right?

6.19 miles in 1:10:36 (11:24 pace)
Technically my schedule had 5 miles for today’s run, but since I have a 7(ish) mile race next week, I changed it to about a 10K to be fully prepared for next week. I took a similar path for this run as my long run last week to get some hills in, but since the route was a bit shy of what I needed, I added an extra loop around an unfamiliar neighborhood. This neighborhood was called “Shepard’s Hills.” And it was one GIANT hill. I knew there was a hill in this area, I just didn’t know the true scope of it. I started running up it, thinking the crest was just ahead of me. As it turned out, that wasn’t the crest. Neither was the other spot I thought it was. Or the third spot. It just. kept. going. FINALLY I saw where the top was and was ECSTATIC when I got to start running downhill … only to find myself running uphill again 50 yards later. Finally after that second uphill, there was a nice, long (albeit kinda steep) downhill. Sadly I stopped my watch just shy of the full 10K, but you still get the point.

Total Miles: 13.83


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