Zero Week

Last week was what the pros call “zero week.” The week immediately following a big race. I was in pain until Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday were bad enough that I needed a steady stream of Advil to get through the day. But by Wednesday things were starting to feel better and I was antsy to get some blood flow to my legs again. I ran 1.8 miles on Thursday and 2.6 miles Friday morning with my only success being not collapsing on the road, which considering I’d run 13.23 miles that weekend, that’s a pretty big success!

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about a second half marathon. I feel like this race went really poorly. I’ll outline this a bit in an upcoming post this week, but I feel like my training was sub-par. And really, the only person I have to blame for that is myself. I didn’t follow my plan to a T, in fact, I kind of made it up as I went. I neglected hill training. I failed at cross training. There was no strength training. I’m honestly impressed I made it to the finish line. So I want to run another one as a way to prove to myself not only can I do it, but I can actually do it WELL and not feel like dying.

It’s been hard to be proud of my accomplishment. It’s hard to admit my time when someone asks how I did. I mean, going into this my goal was simply to finish, but because I crashed and burned so hard in the second half, it’s hard for me to see this as a victory. I want a re-do.

The question now becomes: When?

I’m actually registered for another half marathon on August 8th. I signed up for it back in January when the registration fee was only $35. That’s a freaking STEAL, by the way. Why I registered for a second half marathon when I hadn’t even finished my first is beyond me. But as it stands, I’m registered for it. I’ve checked out the elevation profile for that race hoping that it wouldn’t be as bad as the Lake Minnetonka Half. Here they are side by side:

Lake Minnetonka Course (read: ALL THE HILLS)

Lake Minnetonka Course (read: ALL THE HILLS)

Gopher to Badger Course

Gopher to Badger Course

We can see that the Lake Minnetonka course was NOT a good idea for a first half marathon. Like, at all. My GOD those hills were terrible. And there were SO MANY! We can also see that the Gopher to Badger course is a net down hill. And while there are some uphills, they don’t look to be quite as murderous as the Lake Minnetonka course. Then again the race is on August 8th. The middle of the summer. And summers in Minnesota ain’t cold. And from what I hear this isn’t a very shady course. So while there won’t be the hills, I’ll have the heat to compete with. Then again I’ll be better prepared for the heat because I’ll be training for it mid-summer, and my training runs would be unsupported, unlike the race course. Then again, I’ll have to start my training cycle next week.

I can easily change my registration to the 5K, so it’s not like I’d completely lose out on this race. But there’s this part of me that wants to say “Listen, idiot. You signed up for this, you need to pay the piper. This is what you get for signing up for a race before knowing just how exactly this distance needs to be respected.”

My other thought was to sign up for a fall half marathon, but there are no good races in September, and the only halves in October I’d be even remotely interested in are out of town races. And with me not knowing where I’ll be working next fall, planning a weekend away with potential time off work isn’t a great idea. Besides, I really want to run the Twin Cities 10 mile in early October. The lottery for that opens this summer, and if I don’t get into that, I’ll run the Twin Cities 10K, although that won’t be nearly as fun 😉

I don’t know. I need to know soon though, because like I said, training would start right away next week. Thoughts?


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