Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon Training: Weeks 10-12

So, it’d been a bit quiet over here, eh? I still have to finish my recap for the 5K, plus start my recap for the 10 mile, PLUS update on the last THREE weeks of training. OY.

Needless to say, the last few weeks have kicked my ass. I’m finishing my student teaching, applying to ALL the school districts, interviewing, oh, and trying to finishing training for this dang half marathon. It’s really hard for me to believe I started training for this back in FEBRUARY!

Last week was an issue all it’s own. It started with my long run last Saturday (the week after the 10 mile race). I was supposed to do 11 miles, but only made it 7.5 with a few rest stops. My knee was KILLING me, to the point where even walking was murder. I had to have Tim come pick me up and I hobbled to the car. I was super disappointed and started worrying about whether or not I should drop out of the race. I decided to take a full week off from running and try again the next weekend (this weekend), and decide from there if I needed to drop out.

Turns out, I would have had to rest last week anyway. I had a cold plus some CRAZY intestinal distress which caused me to basically stop eating for three days and force-feed myself for another two. I finally felt human again this Saturday, so I did a quick 2.5 miles to gauge where I was at. After a minimally painful run, I decided to run another 10 miles on Sunday as my final long run/test of my knee.

The good news is that while my knee hurt off and on throughout, it wasn’t bad enough where I needed to stop. Even though I ran a touch slower than I’d like, I finished feeling strong. I should be able to handle the race next weekend in one piece.

So I’ll just list my runs from the last few weeks for now, and hopefully get those recaps up soon!

Week 10

Wednesday: 5.02 miles in 57:13 (11:24 pace)
I knew I needed to get at least one run in this week before the race on Saturday, so I quick threw in a 5 mile run after school but before my evening class. That’s right, I’m now someone who can just squeeze in a 5 mile run. It’s all about making time, my friends.

Saturday: 10+ miles in 1:57:28 (11:4x pace)
Numbers aren’t exact due to the Garmin losing signal at the end, but regardless, I finished in under 2 hours, which was my goal! I’ll give more details in the recap, but this was an AWESOME race!!

Week 11

Monday: 1.74 miles in 21:05 (12:09 pace)
First run post-race. First outdoor morning run since …. September? August? Very ouchy. Not fun.

Wednesday: 5 miles in 1:00:34 (12:07 pace)
Another outdoor morning run. I need to get used to going from sleeping to running in 15 minutes again. At least in the winter I had an additional 15 minutes in the car to choke down a Clif bar and wake up some more. I have to remember to still get up a bit earlier just so I can wake up and maybe eat something.

Thursday: 2.91 miles in 33:04 (11:21 pace)
I have no memory of this run.

Saturday: 7.63 miles in 1:28:29 (11:35 pace)
This was that ill-fated run. Pay no attention to that time/pace. That doesn’t include elapsed time.

Week 12

Saturday: 2.55 miles in 28:11 (11:03 pace)
This felt good. I actually missed running all week, so this was a fun one to come back on!

Sunday: 9.9 miles in 1:57:23 (11:51 pace)
I feel like this was my redemption run. My way of telling my knee it wasn’t going to hold me back from doing this damn race. Plus I took a route I’d never done before, and I may have to repeat it (when I have to do another 10 mile training run again which shouldn’t be for a while thankyouverymuch). It was basically a tour of the lakes in Richfield! I ran around Wood Lake, then Richfield Lake, then whatever that lake is called in Veterans Park – twice. Tim and the kids were playing at the new (rather impressive looking) playground at Veterans Park, so instead of running around it once and heading home, I ran it twice and made them give me a ride home! This run let me know that while it’s going to be freaking HARD, I’ll be able to pull off this half marathon.

The plan for this week is to rest, hydrate, and carbo-load. I’ll probably do a quick shakeout run Wednesday or Thursday, but three miles MAX. And I probably won’t even time it because I don’t want to worry about pace, I just want to do it.

If you don’t already, follow me on instagram, please do so. I’m private due to posting pictures of my kids, but I’ll add you once I know you’re not a creeper! Plus follow me on twitter.  I’ll be posting all kinds of stuff the day of, so be sure you’re there to watch my mental breakdown, plus see me in all my sweaty glory being escorted to the finish line by medical staff crossing the finish line!


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