Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon Training: Week 8

This week. Oh this week. This week was HARD. Every step I took hurt both phyiscally and mentally. I only ran two of my three weekday runs, and neither were the full amount. I completed my long run, but it took FOREVER and I hated every second.

I keep trying to remind myself that if running were easy, everyone would do it. I have to remember that there are great runs (like last week’s long run), there are mediocre runs (like every single weekday run ever), and there are horrific runs (like this week). But I did it, and that’s what counts, right?

My two weekday runs were cut short due to pain. The first was because my knee was acting up again. I’ve had pain in my right knee off and on since I started running. It had gotten better as I lost more weight, but it has started creeping back again, probably because I’m running more.

For my second weekday run, I had to stop because of a terrible shooting pain going from the back of my right knee all the way up to my butt. Holy balls that hurt! I spent the next two days googling hamstring injuries and sciatica. I started an Ibuprofen regimen to see if that would help with any swelling and took the next two days off in preparation for my 8 mile run on Saturday.

Like I said, I made it the whole 8 miles, but not without any pain. There was some knee pain and some of that shooting pain up to my butt, but both would subside for a while after a quick walk break. Also, after I told my sister (who is a PA) more about my pain, she told me it could be something with my IT band, and loaned me her foam roller to try and work that out. DAMN FOAM ROLLING HURTS! But it’s a good hurt. But it’s also a hurty hurt.

Here’s the breakdown:

Tuesday – 2.33 miles in 26:35 (11:25 pace)
I was so bummed when I had to stop, but was OK with it knowing stopping was much better than further injuring myself.

Wednesday – 2.44 miles in 28:03 (11:30 pace) 
I was almost in tears after this failed attempt. I was even on my favorite treadmill and everything. You know, the one perfectly under the air conditioning vent? But it was all for nothing. And I was all kinds of sad.

Saturday – 8 miles in 1:35:14 (11:54 pace) 
I should be more proud of myself for having completed my longest run ever, yet I’m upset that my pace was awful. This run was one where everything that could go wrong, did. It was a totally new route for me; I ran from my house to my sister’s house, which was almost exactly 8 miles. But I missed a turn and ended up adding about a half mile, so I finished my run just over a half mile away from her place. Thankfully just as my watch beeped 8 miles, my husband passed me on his way to my sister’s to bring me home, so I hitched a ride with him the rest of the way so I didn’t have to walk!

I walked a lot. I experienced no joy. I literally had to talk myself into each and every step. I have never watched my Garmin so closely before, watching every tenth of a mile tick away as slowly as ever. I couldn’t enjoy the view. I couldn’t get excited about running through four (!!) different cities. I didn’t even remember to look at the dam I ran over in the last half mile. I did. not. care.

But I finished. My Garmin beeped at 8 miles. 1.24 miles further than I ever have before. And I’m not too terribly worse off.

One more long run, then the 10 mile race. I’m just over a month away from the half marathon. I’m sure I’ll be at the starting line, but will I make it to the finish?


One thought on “Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon Training: Week 8

  1. Didn’t you just buy new shoes? Could they be part of the pain issue? They might be making you land differently than before.

    I’m sorry you’re in so much pain. But holy crap! You ran 8 miles! In a row!

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