Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon Training – Week 5

I saw a funny shirt this week: “I love running, just not while I’m doing it.” That pretty much sums up my week. I had a GREAT week, workout wise, and an even better “long” run, but each run, for the first mile or so I kept thinking “This is the dumbest idea I’ve ever had.” Running is weird like that.

In other news, Operation: Eat More Carbs is going well. My weight is staying more or less the same, although I’ve been more bloated lately (however that could be from womanly related things, too). I can totally feel it in my runs, too. I definitely have more energy and don’t feel like I want to keel over and die at the end of each one. In fact, I finished my 6 mile run this week and thought, “If I HAD to, I could probably eek out another mile.”

There was a teeny issue this week though, in the food area. Monday and Tuesday nights were wicked busy and I wasn’t hungry enough to pause for a second and eat something, so I just ate some pita chips and hummus and called it dinner. I fell asleep Tuesday night literally fantasizing about mashed potatoes. So yeah, meals are important.

I will say that I’m not having CRAZY sugar cravings in the evenings any more, so that’s a good sign. In fact I have a Shamrock Shake in front of me right now that has taken me all day to eat because I just don’t want to eat it all.

One Year Ago Nicci would be reading this post and laughing out loud that I would ever even THINK about running 6 miles (much less thinking another wouldn’t be the end of the world) and having a Shamrock Shake and just not wanting to eat the whole thing.

One last thing to note from this week:

I'm pretty sure you can see these from space.

I’m pretty sure you can see these from space.

New season, new shoes, right? I’m stepping up from my asics GT-2000 to the GT-2000 3, which sounds fancy but it’s totally the same shoe. Only newer. And brighter. My other shoes are now my cross training/walking shoes.


Tuesday – 3.5 miles in 39:41 (11:20 pace)
Blah blah treadmill blah blah

Wednesday – 2 miles in 21:28 (10:44 pace)
Did you see that? DID YOU SEE THAT?!?! Not only did I break 11 minutes a mile, I CREAMED it!! What’s funny is I did this three hours after I filled my belly with Pizza Hut, so I was expecting to have to stop halfway through due to obscene heartburn. But nope. Just gonna smash some pace records, that’s all. And I wasn’t even all that tired afterwards; I was pretty pumped! ENDORPHINS YAY!

Friday – 3.5 miles in 39:22 (11:15 pace)
This was the first time in a week or so that I actually got to the gym in the morning. Because of that, I wasn’t expecting anything great as far as pace, but I surprised myself again! I started off just feeling “off” and wasn’t sure if I’d find a groove, but eventually I was able to tune everything out, focus on Friends, and get it done.

Saturday – 6 miles in 1:09:01 (11:30 pace)
If you follow me on Runkeeper it will tell you that I only ran 5.99 miles, which is bullshit since I uploaded my run from my Garmin which told me I ran 6 miles so SCREW YOU RUNKEEPER! I ran a figure-8 course around my house, giving me a chance to stop home quickly at the halfway point for a water stop. That turned out to not be my greatest idea, since I took too much water and had a sloshy stomach for the next half mile or so. Not cool. But I did it! I was so scared of this run, but I did it, and I did it well! My first “long” run in this training series was three miles, which I did with an 11:30 pace. So not only did I run twice as far, I did it just as fast!

Garmin splits, cause I'm cool like that.

Garmin splits, cause I’m cool like that.

This run was definitely the confidence booster I needed. Although I did spend most of the time thinking “This is so hard, why in the WORLD do I think I can do this even FURTHER?!” But so far, I’ve been able to do all but one of my scheduled runs (one was cut short by a mile because I just couldn’t do it), so I don’t really have much reason to think that if I keep doing what I’m doing I’ll be able to cross that finish line in one piece.

Week six will be a bit of a step-back week. The long run this weekend will actually just be a 5K with my sister. I’m super excited to get back to a starting line! My goal for this race will be to come in under 35 minutes, which is right around 11:15/mile. We’ll see how I do with the excitement and adrenaline that comes from racing as opposed to just running.

Let’s do this, Week Six!


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