Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon Training – Week 4

This week went SIGNIFICANTLY better than last week. I added a 4th day of running and my “long” run went really well, especially considering it was on the dreadmill.

I did a lot of researching last weekend and a lot of soul searching. After my terrible run last Saturday I really got down on myself. I started thinking about what I was doing wrong and realized that I’m likely not eating enough to compensate for my stricter running schedule. Thinking about eating more, specifically more carbs, freaked me right out.

Since last April I’ve lost almost 50 pounds and I have NO desire to go back. The thought of purposely eating more, especially more carbs, sent me into a tailspin. Sure I’m running more and thus burning more calories, but I’m so worried that my weight will slowly start creeping back up. I don’t WANT to have my tacos in a tortilla shell, I want it over lettuce for a healthier option. I don’t WANT to add crackers to my lunch consisting of a chicken caesar salad, fruit, cheese stick, and yogurt. The thought of gaining weight again honestly freaked me out.

THEN of course I started freaking out about freaking out about gaining weight and started to wonder if I have an eating disorder. Yeah, my thoughts go kind of crazy when I’m in a tailspin.

I worked my way out of the freak out and did some solid research. I tracked my eating for a few days so I can relax about my choices with the slight increase in carbs. And you know what? Last week was AMAZING. I set a pace record and ALMOST broke 11 minutes per mile. I ran 5 miles the fastest I’ve ever done before. And I felt great the entire time!

So yeah, the freak out was totally pointless. Week 4 was bad ass.

Dailies – 

Tuesday – 3 miles in 34:22 (11:27 pace)
These three mile runs suck because Friends episodes just aren’t long enough. But I’m getting faster and thus getting off the ‘mill quicker.

Wednesday – 2 miles in 22:02 (11:01 pace)
THREE SECONDS!! If I had been three seconds faster I would have broken 11 minutes a mile! GAR!! I decided to turn this scheduled cross training day into another running day, and boy am I glad I did. Plus I pushed myself extra hard knowing it was just two miles. I felt freaking AMAZING after this run!

Thursday – 3 miles in 34:06 (11:22 pace)
Getting faster! Honestly, I don’t have a time goal in mind for this race. Since this is my first half marathon, my goal is to simply cross the finish line in one piece. But getting faster in training is never a BAD thing, right? Besides, I have to get to about a 10:45 pace if I want to keep up with my grandma and run a race with her this summer! No really, my grandma has been running since running was invented (HAHA OLD PEOPLE JOKE!) and my goal is to some day run with her! She’s got STACKS of trophies, which I suppose isn’t hard when you’re the only person in your age group 😉 But for real, I gotta keep up with Gram!

Saturday – 5 miles in 57:31 (11:30 pace)
Can’t hate that time. This treadmill run was brought to you by Clueless. Thank you, streaming movies on my phone, for helping me survive indoor half marathon training! Also, the treadmills at the gym stop after 60 minutes, so that wasn’t fun during my cool down.

This week the mid-week runs increase a bit and I’ll do my longest non-race distance this weekend! Hopefully I can do it outside; so far the weather looks like it will cooperate!

Nine weeks to go!!


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