Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon Training – Week 3

Remember when I said last week that I was feeling confident? Well that all went out the window this week. I didn’t do any of my scheduled cross training. My “long” run? Disastrous. I’m trying not to let it get me totally down. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about running it’s that every run is different. Some are awesome, some are just runs, and some completely and totally suck. I just have to keep looking forward and hoping that another awesome run will be just around the corner.

Tuesday – 3 miles in 34:37 (11:32 pace)
This week I started increasing my mid-week runs. Today was the first mid-week run longer than 2.5 miles. It was uneventful and boring. My dislike of the treadmill is mounting. It’s so boring and monotonous and there are always people next to me and I hate it. I cannot WAIT for spring and brighter mornings!

Thursday – 2 miles in 22:42 (11:21 pace)
Another treadmill day. This time I bumped up the speed for a change of pace … literally.

Saturday – 1.57 miles in 17:55 (11:27 pace) + 2.5 miles in 29:44 (11:54 pace)
Ugh. This day. I started off running outside. The temps weren’t terrible (read: it was above zero) and I was properly bundled. The problem was the ice on the road, which I totally could have avoided if it wasn’t snowing while I was running, thus covering the roads with fine, slick snow and hiding the ice. After nearly wiping out a few times, I headed for home before I injured myself. I attempted to finish the rest of the 5 miler on the treadmill but I just could. not. do. it. I was stopping and walking FAR more frequently than usual. My legs felt so tired, like I was running through jello. In short, it was miserable. I ended up almost crying on the drive back home because I was full of so much negative self-talk. Thankfully my sister was just a phone call away, so we made plans to drink our my feelings away that night. And it totally helped.

I’ve decided that this week, instead of doing the 6 miles that’s on the schedule, I’ll re-do the 5 miles I was supposed to do this past weekend. I have a bit of flexibility on my schedule so it shouldn’t set me back at all.

Time to make Week 4 cry uncle … or something.


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