Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon Week 2

Another week down, another week closer to race day. After my “long” run this week, I felt pretty confident in my fitness. I still have a long ways to go, of course, but every run I do makes me feel more confident that I can get across that finish line in one piece.

Funny story from this week – I was supposed to run a 5K on Saturday. I was going to use it as a baseline for my training and see how I improve from there. I’d been scoping out this particular race for about a month, but didn’t want to sign up right away knowing that February can be horrifically cold here in Minnesota. I told myself to wait until the Wednesday before to register so that I could keep an eye on the forecast and not sign up if it looks bad.

The problem with this plan? I have no patience. So I signed up for it two weeks before when the forecast said it would be around 30 degrees. I watched the forecast closely and saw the temps drop further and further and further. When I woke up the morning of the race, I saw this:

cold race day

I may have sucked it up on Thanksgiving, but I was sticking to my promise of NEVER AGAIN running in sub-zero temps! So my sister (who was supposed to run with me) and picked up our shirts that morning, then went out for coffee! And that’s the story behind my first DNS (Did Not Start).


Tuesday – 2 miles in 23:00 (11:30 pace)
Nothing special to report here. Just a regular old early morning treadmill sesh.

Wednesday – 2 miles in 23:20 (11:40 pace)
Not sure why I chose to run instead of cross-train this day. I ran after my evening class, which I HATE running that late in the evening. I should plan my life a bit better.

Thursday – 60 minutes Arc Trainer
I was supposed to do two 30 minute cross training sessions, but I decided to combine them into one 60 minute session so I could sleep in an extra day. Again, not really sure why I did this. I WILL say that watching Scandal is seriously motivating! Watching Olivia run for her life got my adrenaline up further and I found myself maxing out the speed on the Arc! HA! I should set the resistance a bit higher next time I watch that show while on this machine 😉

Saturday – 4 miles in 45:56 (11:29 pace)
I was sad that I had to do today’s run on a treadmill, so to make it up to myself I watched Mean Girls to pass the time. So worth it. Although I will say I probably looked like an idiot mouthing phrases like “So you agree, you think you’re pretty” and “It’s October 3rd.” Zoning out to a familiar movie was a PERFECT way for me to get through this run. In fact, I think this was the longest amount of time I’ve ever spent on a treadmill. Let’s not do that again.

This week I’ll increase my mileage by 2 more miles: a half mile added to each mid-week run and a full mile added to the long run. I’m getting nervous for my upcoming 6 mile run in two weeks because that’s when we start with distances I’ve never covered (or at least never done more than once). But I have to stay focused on one day at a time, otherwise I’ll enter full-on panic mode!

On to Week 3!


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