Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon Week 1

Last week marked the start of training for my first half marathon! It’s 13 weeks based roughly on a combination of Hal Higdon’s novice 10 mile and novice half marathon training schedules.

I’m starting off slowly with nice, short runs to get my body used to getting up early and working out regularly. I wasn’t very good at getting up during the month of January, so it’s probably going to take some getting used to again, but I’m sure it should be OK.

In other news, I won our annual Super Bowl bet against my husband, and earned myself a fancy Garmin Forerunner 1o! I had my first run with it on Saturday and it was awesome! COMPLETELY unnecessary, but a neat gadget to have nonetheless. Maybe after a few more runs with it I’ll put a little review here.

On to my dailies –

Wednesday: 2 miles – 23:07 (11:34 pace)
I started training this week on Wednesday since my sister got married last weekend and I needed LOTS of time to recover! Wednesday seemed as good a day as any to start. Also I learned that one Friends episode is just under the amount of time it takes me to run 2 miles, so it’s a pleasant distraction!

Friday: 2 miles – 22:55 (11:28 pace)
Another day, another treadmill sesh. This time I had some new headphones to try out. I’m still not sure I’m a fan. I’ll give it a few more tries and give a review.

Saturday: 3.05 miles – 34:53 (11:27 pace)
I’m actually really proud of this run. It’s been a while since I ran outside, and running at a pace consistent with my treadmill times is very reassuring that I’m on the right track. Plus this was my first run with the Garmin, so I can post these fun charts now:

02.07.15 garmin

Yep. I’m officially cool now! Or something…

So, are you training for anything right now? Any 2015 goals?


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