“Did you win?” And other questions I hate

Since I started running, specifically racing, I’ve gotten lots of questions. Most of them ask how I got started or what training plan I use. But some questions are just downright silly.

“Did you win?”
Obviously this question comes after I mention running a race over the weekend. And it usually comes from my five year old. But when it comes from grown adults, I just don’t know how to respond. Sometimes I just remind them I’m a very new runner and I’m still working on my speed. Other times I laugh. Loudly. In their faces. Sometimes I say “compared to my time in my last race? I totally won!”

“Did you run the whole way?”
This question bothers me a lot. Because no, I cannot run the entire distance. Even in my training runs I keep to a .9/.1 run/walk ratio. I’m a firm believer in scheduled “rest” breaks to keep my legs from getting too tired. I find that it helps me run further and faster. So when I tell people I ran a 10k race, and they respond “did you run the whole way?” it feels like my accomplishment is somehow less than because I walked for part of it. Besides what does it matter if I ran the entire thing or walked every step of the way? The fact is I did it. I trained for an extended period of time, I crossed the start line, and then I crossed the finish line.


“How fast can you run?”
Um, right now I’m at about 11:30 minutes per mile. The blank stares that come from that answer are hilarious!

“Oh my gosh I can’t believe you run marathons!”
Ok, so this isn’t a question so much as it is a statement. I’ve also been congratulated on finishing a marathon after someone saw a picture of a recent 5K finish. It’s not that this statement angers me, it’s just irritating. Many people see “running race” and think “marathon” because that’s all they know about running races. But there is a DISTINCT different between a 5K and a marathon, something along the lines of 23.1 miles. Sure not everyone knows that a marathon is 26.2 miles, but it’s kinda hard to confuse that with a simple 5K. Especially because it have never referred to myself as a marathon runner. Heck, I barely even refer to myself as a runner! But believe me, if for some reason I go completely crazy and run a full marathon, you can be damn sure I’ll refer to myself as a marathoner for the rest of my life, LOL!

What are some silly questions others have asked you about running?


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