Unintended Rest Weeks

Apparently last week was a rest week. My bad. On the plus side, I’m not actually training for anything right now. I’m just trying to build a solid base and solid muscles so when training does start I’m ship shape and ready to go!

Here’s what I DID do:

Tuesday – 2 miles in 22:31 (11:16 pace) and arm strength
When I run, I can feel the strength in my legs. I can feel the muscles working hard but not feeling overworked. I’m getting results from my increased strength training and I love it!

Wednesday – Leg Day
I did all the squats. All of em. And lunges. And leg curls. And presses. And lifts. And I couldn’t walk for two days afterwards. I think I may have overdone it. While I was lunging and squatting, I could feel that my form was off when I was working my left side. Sure enough that night my left knee was killing me! It’s usually my right knee that acts up, so this was new. But I iced it all evening and slept with it wrapped up. The next morning there wasn’t even a twinge!

And that was it for the week. Which stinks because the weekend was unseasonably warm, so an outdoor run would have been lovely. But alas, it was not meant to be.

I’m back on track for this week, though. I’ve been kicking ass on my runs lately with paces in the low 11s. Maybe I can break the 11 minute threshold before half marathon training starts in February!

What’s on your agenda for this week? Planning any huge workouts to preemptively burn off Christmas calories?


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