Turkey Trot 10K Training – Weeks 10 & 11

Yesterday was the race, and I’ll have a whole post dedicated to it on Monday, but for now I wanted to finish writing about my training weeks.

As you recall, Week 9 was not my best week. In fact it was awful. I barely did two of my five scheduled workouts. The trouble was I wasn’t feeling too terrible about it. I jumped right back into my training for the final workouts and did pretty well!

Scheduled – 3 miles. Actual – 3 miles in 35:41 (11:54 pace)
So CLEARLY taking a week off was good for me. I broke the 12 minute pace for the first time ever in a training run! I felt AWESOME! This was the confidence booster I needed to keep going and finish strong in my training.

Scheduled – 45 minutes cross training. Actual – 45 minutes on the arc trainer
Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Scheduled – 2 miles + strength. Actual – 2 miles in 23:04 (11:32 pace)
And that, my friends was my fastest run EVER! I was so high on finishing so well I completely forgot about the strength portion of the day and went right home to tell Tim about my time, LOL!

Scheduled – 5 miles. Actual – 4.98 miles in 59:46 (12:00 pace)
This run. Oh this run. I was so looking forward to this run in a way that I’ve never felt before. The past week had been so crazy with planning my sister’s bridal shower and school and life that I just needed that hour to myself to just quiet my mind and just run. The weather was fantastic. After two weeks of below freezing temps, Sunday morning showed up with temps in the upper 40s and a pleasant fog. I actually ran in just capris and a short sleeved shirt, no layers needed! Throughout the entire run I felt strong. I paid attention to how my body felt and what it did while I was running so I could focus on feeling that same way during the race. When I finished (a teeny bit too soon … oops!) and saw my overall pace I was so excited. I knew then and there that the 10K would be no problem at all!

That was my last workout until the race. I planned on doing another short run and maybe some cross training during the last week, but ended up not doing so. I’m glad I didn’t because I needed every ounce of energy I had to run the race.

Overall thoughts on this training plan:

I mentioned a few times before that I used Hal Higdon’s novice 10K plan. His is only 8 weeks, but I repeated a couple weeks to stretch it to 10. I really liked this plan. I like that it wasn’t about just running running running. There were no pace requirements. There was variety with the cross training days. It built up my mileage slowly and carefully so that I felt strong and not exhausted by the end.

This plan didn’t have speed work, but I think as you move up in difficulty it does. I’m not so concerned with speed right now. I’m just interested in finishing races. Once I finish each goal distance race, then I’ll work on speeding them up. But for now, I’m just looking for bragging rights 😉

Another thing I’d do differently is NOT stretch out the plan. He says on his site that it’s perfectly acceptable to do so, but not for me. I got so tired of training by week 9 that I just wanted it to be over. Had I stuck to the 8 week schedule it would have been no problem.

As I said, tune in Monday for a full race recap! Plus look for a post outlining my plans moving forward.

And I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving!


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