Turkey Trot 10K Training – Week 9

This may as well be called “The Week that Almost Wasn’t.” Because basically it wasn’t.

I did barely 2 of my 5 scheduled workouts. On Tuesday I did 2 miles instead of my planned 3, and on Saturday I did 2.7 of my planned 5 (plus almost a mile of walking to get back home).

I have many excuses. Like it was too cold to get out of bed. It was too snowy to drive to the gym. I was too tired. I accidentally turned off my alarm. I pinched a nerve in my back which made my long run more painful than usual. It was freaking cold out for my long run which made me quit sooner.

And yet, despite everything, I wasn’t upset with myself. I didn’t beat myself up over not finishing a 5 mile run. I didn’t berate myself for skipping the gym. It all felt … Ok.

That worried me. If I could easily skip this many workouts this close to race day, what’s to keep me from not skipping more?

Yesterday was the start of a new training week. A chance to get back on top. And I slept in. Again. Not so great. But last night I changed my alarms. I set my first one to start going off at 4:45 and continue until 5:15, at which point a different alarm would start with a completely horrid ring tone.

It worked.

And I ran three miles on the treadmill and broke a 12 minute pace for the first time in a training run (11:54 pace). I felt awesome through the whole run, my back pain was at a minimum, and that damn side stitch I’ve been getting was quelled with come conscious breathing (in two steps, out for three).

So maybe the reason I took that week off was because my body just needed it. I’ve been working HARD for a while now. Heck I just finished my 9th week of training! Maybe the reason I didn’t feel bad about it is because I was actually listening to my body instead of just being lazy?

My goal now is to complete every workout as scheduled until race day. Then after race day I’m allowing myself to take a full week off from all strenuous activity. Once I get going again, I will keep the intensity fairly low and do more strength building until my training cycle starts again in February.

That promise of low intensity cardio and more strength work is enough motivation for me to kick ass this last week and a half of training. This 10K ain’t gonna run itself!

So, how was your week? Tips for surviving my first 10K? I’m building my playlist right now, so I’ll share it early next week! Oh, also, what’s your favorite cold running gear? Because it looks like I’m gonna need it!


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