Turkey Trot 10K Training – Week 8

It's a rule that you have to take a selfie standing next to something that says "running" while you're running. Trust me. I read it in the "Rule for Running" book.

It’s a rule that you have to take a selfie standing next to something that says “running” while you’re running. Trust me. I read it in the “Rules for Running” book.

Holy wow! Have I really been training for this race for 8 weeks?! Also, is the race really just over two weeks away?!

We got our first winter storm today, which likely means there will be snow on the ground on race day. All I’m hoping is that by race time the roads are clean and the temps are in the mid-30s. A girl can dream.


Scheduled – 3 miles. Actual – 2 miles in 24:51 (12:26 pace) and leg strength
I thought since I ran 4.5 miles the day before I should keep it rather easy and do just two miles then focus the rest of my time on strength training. I find that I really like lifting etc., so I might spend a bit more time on strength training during my “off” time when I’m not training for anything specific.

Scheduled – 45 minutes cross. Actual – 45 minutes on the arc
I also really like the arc trainer. It’s like a cross between a stair stepper and an elliptical. I typically do an interval workout and increase the intensity as I wake up (I typically get to the gym before 6am while my body is still basically asleep). Plus 45 minutes is enough time to get a full Mad Men episode in. Although I might find something new to watch during gym time because it is seriously disgusting listening to people make out directly in your ears. I know I’ve complained about this before, but I think it merits another mention.

Wednesday :
Scheduled – 2 miles & strength. Actual – Rest
I’m not even sorry I turned off my alarm.

Scheduled – Rest. Actual – 3 miles in 37:28 (12:29 pace)
This run tested me. Around 1.25 miles I got a bad stomach stitch. You know, the kind you get when you go swimming too soon after eating? I decided to stop then and just walk for a while. But after walking about a tenth of a mile, I started feeling better, so I told myself that I’d run as long as I could and would walk/rest as needed. By the time mile 2 hit the stitch was gone and I finished strong.

Scheduled – 60 minutes cross training. Actual – 30 minutes up hill walking, 30 minutes Arc.
I’m really liking the uphill walking I’ve been doing. I set the incline a bit higher and walked a touch faster and I got a decent sweat on!

Scheduled – 5 miles. Actual – 5.02 miles in 62:14 (12:25 pace)
This run. You guys. This run was incredible. For real. The last time I ran 5 miles it was a test to see if I could even do it. I’d been feeling down on myself and thought the only way to lift my spirits was to plan a fun 5 mile run. It totally worked and I felt so confident afterwards. So going into the run today I knew I could handle it, and I knew I was better prepared than my previous 5 miler. And I totally proved myself right. My pace for the first half was actually incredible. I was steady and relaxed and enjoying the new route I planned out. Almost exactly at the halfway point, however, my pace dropped a bit. I started to feel sorry for myself when I was hit with another gust of wind directly in my face and thought “oh yeah, wind resistance.” It was at my back the entire first half which likely explained the relaxed feel and the running through Jell-o feeling for the second half! But I finished strong and in one of my best non-race road paces.

I have one more 5 miler on the schedule, then a 5.5 mile, then the race (6.26 miles). I’m feeling more confident in my ability to finish strong than ever.


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