Looking Ahead

This will work.

I love plans. I love schedules and timelines and lists and expectations and hard and fast deadlines. Schedules and deadlines are why I’ve stuck to running as long as I have. I’m not going to pay $40 for a race and NOT prepare for it.

There are some races coming up in the spring that I’m interested in, but registration for those doesn’t open until December, and training wouldn’t start until February. Sure there is the Polar Dash and various Valentine’s Day runs, but this is Minnesota we’re talking about here. If this winter is anything like last, I won’t even leave my house for groceries, let alone a race.

Which leaves me wondering …. what do I do between December 1st and February 1st? That’s two months where I don’t have to train for anything. Two months of listless wandering through the gym wondering if I should run 2 miles today, or wait maybe 4, or maybe I’ll cross train, or strength train, or sleep in.

I’m thinking about finding some kind of strength program to work on to build muscle, as well as maintaining about 6-10 miles a week of running. But where would my motivation be? What would be the incentive to get out of bed?

I’m a woman without a plan. HELP!

Those that run just for the sake of running – how do you keep going?


2 thoughts on “Looking Ahead

  1. Habit and enjoyment. Why did you keep watching all the seasons of HIMYM? Probably a bit of habit and enjoyment.

    Plus, skills go downhill fast if you don’t use them.

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