Turkey Trot 10K Training – Week 7

(FYI – I post all of my workouts on RunKeeper. Feel free to follow me there!)

The training runs are getting longer. Cross training is getting more intense. There are just over three weeks until race day. I’m starting to make plans for what my goal time will be, although quite frankly, I’ll just be happy to finish!

Once again, this week had some highs and lows. Overall it was just a strange, odd week. I can tell my body is working harder. I’m SO tired, but in a good way, if that is a thing.

Scheduled – Strength. Actual – Rest
I don’t even know why I bother with these. I think starting next week, my weekly updates are going to start on Monday, then have a “weekend” entry.

Scheduled – 3 miles. Actual – Rest
The baby was sick again, thus was up all night again. Skipping the gym was in my best interest.

Scheduled – 45 minutes cross. Actual – 2 miles in 24:10 (12:05 pace)
I forgot to turn on my alarm clock today. My punishment was that I had to go to the gym after class. Because I was at class first, I work running pants instead of capris. Turns out it’s quite easy to overheat while running in pants in a climate controlled environment. Plus also, potato chips 2 hours before running = MASSIVE heartburn. So I only did 2 of my planned 3 miles, which was OK.

Wednesday :
Scheduled – 2 miles & strength. Actual – 45 minutes arc trainer
Eight hours after I left the gym, I returned. This was not a smart idea. I was WIPED on Wednesday, topped with a baby who still had trouble sleeping. I was down for the count and was in bed sleeping by 8pm.

Scheduled – Rest. Actual – 3 miles in 36:19 (12:06 pace)
I chose to sleep in so I could be back on my game. I quickly got my run in when Tim got home from work. I made it home in time to watch the Charlie Brown Halloween special with the boy.

Scheduled – 60 minutes cross training. Actual – 30 minutes up hill walking, 30 minutes Arc.
I found my old iPod (1st or so generation, not touch, 60 gigs, brick shaped, heavy) and thought it’d be fun to see what I put on there. Turns out, LOTS of music from The Beatles and Cake. Great music, not what I need when I want to get motivated.

Scheduled – 4.5 miles. Actual – 4.53 miles in 58:17 (12:52 pace)
Ugh. This run. I was supposed to run on Saturday, but Halloween candy/beer/lack of water got the better of me so I saved it for Sunday (yesterday). Throughout the entire run I felt strong and confident. I never once wanted to quit. I took only 4 walk breaks for about a half block each, which is VERY few for me. And yet every time the voice cue lady came on, my pace was getting slower and slower. First I thought it was because I was running into a head wind. But my pace kept dropping even after I turned and ran with the wind. I’d go an entire stretch between cues without walking and my pace would STILL drop.

After the run I still felt great. I had little pain and I wasn’t totally drop-dead exhausted. Maybe that means I didn’t run hard enough? I don’t know. I had a hard time simply celebrating one of my longest runs with the fewest walk breaks. I was so down on myself wondering where I went wrong.

But then… I took off my shoes and noticed something odd. There was blood on one of my socks! I’d gotten my first bloody toenail!! All the sadness from my run disappeared and I felt so excited! I’m really and truly a runner now! Look! I have the bloody sock to prove it!!

Yes. I was that excited about it.


My goal this week is to do all my scheduled workouts on the day they are scheduled. Let’s see if that actually pans out, eh?

Oh, and for my weight loss goal, I’m down 2 pounds. Eight more to go!

What do you have planned for the week? How much Halloween candy have you eaten? What was your reaction when you found your first bloody toenail?


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