Race Recap: Terror Trot 5K

WONDER WOMAN!! (Sang like the theme song which is actually terribly 70s sexist/awesome)

WONDER WOMAN!! (Sang like the theme song which is actually terribly 70s sexist/awesome)

Official Time: 36:29 (11:45 pace)


I keep wondering when I’m going to stop PRing at each race, but then I remember I’m still learning to run and still improving, so I may PR for a while.

This race was a whole lotta fun! It was my first costumed race, so I thought I’d be all clever and dress like Wonder Woman. Along with half the other women running the race that day. Many of whom had the exact same shirt/cape I had. Although I was the only one who paired the shirt with a tutu. And who had crazy short, not at all Wonder Woman-like hair. Whatever. It was still fun!

Like I mentioned yesterday, by the time the race started, I’d already put in 1.5 miles for the day. I wasn’t expecting much from this race, only that I didn’t want to push myself. This was just another training run, so I wasn’t gunning for a “race pace” mentality.

Right at the start, I felt a horrid cramp in my right calf. It was bad enough that I was seriously considering a DNF to prevent injury. Thankfully the pain disappeared after about 5 minutes and hasn’t come back since.

There were some terribly steep ups and downs right at the start, which I tried my best to power through. I did end up having to walk the uphills, but I made up time by running the downhills and not braking at all and letting gravity take over.

The worst part about the race was the lack of mile markers, so I had no idea where I was other than to look across the lake to where I knew the finish line was and try and guess how far I’d gone.

Funny events:

  • This was a family-oriented race, so there were quite a few kids running. One girl running with her mom shouted “I’m not even tired yet!” around the halfway point. Not a quarter mile later I heard, “Mom, we have to stop soon! I’m too tired!”
  • I passed an Indiana Jones who was very audibly wheezing and made me giggle in my head about how the REAL Indy would have been able to run it while being chased by machete-wielding natives. Then I felt bad.
  • There was a water stop about halfway, but there was no trash can at the table. The guy told us to just toss our cups in the grass next to him and he’d pick them up. So I did. And was apparently the only person to do so, as everyone else ran a bit out of their way to find an actual trash can. Oops.

The best part of this race was my son. He had so much fun looking at all the costumes and shouting everyone’s names and waving to them! He has been talking about doing a “running race” with me for a while now, so I thought it would be fun for him to finish the last 100 yards or so with me.

He took off when I got to him, and turned around and shouted “Mom! Why am I running faster than you?!” Gee, sorry kid, I’ve only already ran 3 miles and you just started! My plan was to have us cross the finish line together, but as we entered the finish area, everyone was cheering him on and he got distracted. He was dressed as Mario and LOVED being called that instead of his real name, so strangers shouting “GO MARIO!!” just about made his day! Everyone wanted to give him a high five as he ran by, including a werewolf, and he couldn’t resist the attention!

The weird face I’m making in the photo at the top was me talking to who I assumed was the boy as we crossed the finish line, only to find out once I finished that he was still a few seconds behind me! So while I’m bummed we didn’t finish the race together, he ended up with his own finish photo AND they were kind enough to give him a medal, too! (I’d post his picture, but I promised myself I’d keep my kiddos off this blog as much as possible, but if we’re friends on Facebook, you can find it there!)

So now no more races until The Big One. But this one was so much fun, and we got some great family memories out of it 🙂


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