Turkey Trot 10K Training – Week 5

I’m just over 5 weeks away from my race, and I feel like I’ve reached the point where I just want to get this race over and done with. Then I remember that on race day I have to run 6.26 miles and I wonder why I was crazy enough to even register for this.

Scheduled – Strength. Actual – Rest
I crawled into bed Sunday night and thought, huh, I was gonna do some yoga today. Oh well. ZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Scheduled – 3 miles. Actual – 3 miles in 36:29 (12:10 pace)
I’m still on the quest for a sub-12 training pace. I was close this time! I know I should be incorporating hills into my running, but I’m so focused on speed. Maybe I should consider changing that?

Scheduled – 40 minutes cross. Actual – 40 minutes arc trainer
I didn’t want to do this workout AT ALL. Even 10 minutes into it I was all OK TIME TO BE DONE THIS IS STUPID. But I finished it out because I’m stubborn.

Wednesday :
Scheduled – 2 miles & strength. Actual – rest
Tuesday night I started reading Gone Girl. Once I start reading a book, it gets into my psyche so deeply that I can’t let it go until I finish the reading it. I went to bed on Tuesday only 89 pages in. I knew there was a mega twist coming, so I spent the night dreaming about what the twist could be. When my alarm went off in the morning, I remember thinking “I’ll only get up if I can solve the mystery.” Thus I did not get up. Related: THAT BOOK WAS AMAZING I NEED ANOTHER!

Scheduled – 60 minutes cross training. Actual – 2 miles in 24:03 (12:02 pace) and 60+ minutes walking/hiking
I crammed Wednesday’s run into today, which in hindsight probably wasn’t my best idea. I got up at 5:30 like usual, hit the gym for my 2 miles, then packed up the kids and drove 3 hours north for the day/night. Thursday afternoon was spent hiking by the North Shore. It was fun to spend the day being relatively active and not getting winded. I wanted to keep hiking further down the path we were on but the kids were getting tired.

Scheduled – 4 miles. Actual – 3.96 miles in 51:02 (12:52 pace)
Not my best run by far. I found myself stopping a lot and walking more frequently. Also there were more hills. Coincidence? (No, not at all) HOWEVER, this was my most scenic run EVER! Running alongside Lake Superior hearing the waves crashing on shore at dawn with peak fall colors was incredible! I was hoping to watch the sun rise over the lake, but it was overcast that morning. Regardless, the weather was perfect for running, and even though it wasn’t my best, it was probably my favorite run so far!

It doesn't look like much, but that's the Lift Bridge on Canal Park in Duluth.

It doesn’t look like much, but that’s the Lift Bridge on Canal Park in Duluth.

Scheduled – Rest. Actual – Rest
After a short but fun vacation with the family (our first ever!) I figured a Saturday rest day was well deserved. I actually can’t remember the last time I DIDN’T run on a Saturday!

This week has a teeny increase in miles, just by a half mile. I’m upping my long runs by a half mile every week or two to gradually get me to a max of 5.5 miles the Saturday before my race. I also have a Halloween 5K run on Saturday, which means I’d better get cracking on my costume or I’ll just be dressed as “Average Runner Person,” haha! It also means I’ll have to do a quick 1.5 mile run first thing in the morning before the race to get my full 4.5 scheduled miles in. I’ve never done a two part run before, so this should be interesting!

What does your workout schedule look like this week?


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