Saying goodbye … To shoes

Back in June when I decided I wanted to start running, I did as much internet research as I could to figure out what shoes would be good running shoes. I suspected the reason I had a lot of pain in my knees after running was because I was running in old, worn out shoes (plus the overweight thing, but by this point I’d taken care of some of that).

I learned what it meant to “over pronate” and after studying the soles of my shoes discovered that’s what I do. I learned about heel strike versus mid-foot strike and discovered a lot of my shin pain while running could be related to a bad foot strike.

In all my internet research, I decided I needed motion control shoes. Something with strong arch support and something that would naturally guide my feet to the proper positions.

Many of these types of shoes were well out of my price range. All except for one. One that claimed superior cushioning and support with state of the art motion control technology. And they were only $25.

Yes, I bought a pair of running shoes off the internet based on research I’d done on the internet and based on the low low price.

They were Tevespheres, and they were wonderful. They had a sphere on the heel to help guide you to a mid foot strike. They had crazy arch support “pods.” And they were my babies.

Really, they were actually pretty awesome!

Really, they were actually pretty awesome!

I literally never saw anything like them. Seriously. I check out the shoes of those around me at races to see what others are using. I see lots of asics, Brooks, Saucony, Nike and New Balance. But I never EVER saw another pair of Tevas, much less Tevaspheres.

I put 150 miles on those babies. Put into perspective, that’s like running from my house in Bloomington all the way to Duluth.

Sadly, during my run on Tuesday, I started feeling terribly uncomfortable rubbing on the inside of my foot. Turns out the inside of each shoe was starting to disintegrate and the rubber design on the outside of there shoe was starting to rub against my feet. I had no choice. It was time for some new kicks.

This time I went to a proper running store to get properly fit. Although my experience there left much to be desired (more on that another time) I walked out of there with Big Girl running shoes: a pair of asics GT-2000 (which of course were on sale because of the newly released GT-2000 2).

Oh so pretty!

Oh so pretty!

They feel completely different save for the over pronation support.ย I did the first run in them this morning and they were fantastic! It was different than running in the Tevas. The asics have a wider base and no support pods, but I was able to run in them with no problems and my feet feel great! Sadly, however, they did not make me faster ๐Ÿ˜‰

But I’ll never forget my first pair of running shoes. My internet bargain shoes. The shoes that helped me cross my first finish line. The shoes that took me from couch potato to a relatively active life.

Rest in peace, dear shoes.


4 thoughts on “Saying goodbye … To shoes

  1. New shoes are so much fun to get! I have a pair of Gel Blur Asics and have loved them like crazy. Now if I could just get my post-partum behind back out the door, I’d be winning! Go you!

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