Turkey Trot 10K Training – Week 3

Week three finished last week, and I just started week 4. Last week had some deviations to my schedule due to the race this past weekend, but that race turned out to be great hills training! On a related note, I’ve driven the course for this race a few times now. It’s and out-and-back, and the out portion is a gradual but consistent up-hill. The plus side, however is the back portion is all downhill! Woohoo! But it still means I need more hills training, which isn’t easy since my neighborhood is pretty flat. I might have to drive to a new route for my Saturday runs to get some hills in with my mileage.

So here’s how last week went:

Scheduled – Strength. Actual – Rest
Kid you not, I have no memory if what I did last Sunday. Maybe I worked on homework? Yeah, that’s probably what it was.

Scheduled – 2.5 miles. Actual – 2.5 miles @ 12:22 pace & leg strength
I’m getting the hang of treadmill running, especially with the .9 run/.1 walk intervals. I also like that of my three runs per week, two are never more than 3 miles which is perfectly fine for me to do on the treadmill. The long runs are the ones I do on the road to keep up my road running and to get my body used to cold weather running. These treadmill runs are great for letting me know what a faster pace will feel like.

Scheduled – 35 minutes cross. Actual – 35 minutes arc trainer
I forgot my headphones today, so I was stuck listening to crappy gym music and reading closed captioning on the news. And I may have had a verbal outburst regarding my displeasure with the MN Twins potentially considering Doug Mientkiewicz as the new GM. Which is even more humorous when you factor in the fact that my gym is owned by former Twin Corey Koskie who played with Dougie Baseball back in the day.

Wednesday :
Scheduled – 2 miles & strength. Actual – 2 miles @ 12:23 pace & push/pull strength
I really wanted to break the 12 minute mile pace today, but I started off WAY too fast. I need to remember to start slow, THEN build speed! Also, I may start turning these weekly 2 miles runs into some hills intervals.

Scheduled – 40 minutes cross. Actual – 40 minutes yoga
I snoozed my alarm too many times. Oops! So instead of a harder cross training, I looked up a beginner yoga video on youtube and tried that. It actually ended up being a great workout and really stretched out my legs. I might start incorporating yoga into what I’m supposed to do on Sundays but haven’t done yet.

Scheduled – rest. Actual – rest.
I spent the afternoon at the health expo getting our packets for the race, sampling snacks, getting measured for a GOOD running bra (I’m probably going to get a Moving Comfort bra this week), and running into one of my professors who ran the 10K.

Scheduled – Race. Actual – Twin Cities 5K.
Here’s the recap. No need to rehash it here!

This week we’re back on track and the mileage should start slowly increasing. I did sign up for another race between now and Thanksgiving (the Terror Trot, which is NOT the Monster Dash because I’m so NOT paying $50 for a race that isn’t even timed). It’s a 5K on a day I’m scheduled to run 4.5 miles. I plan on running 1.5 miles at home, then heading to the race to finish the mileage for the day. It should be a fun run, though! It runs around Lake Harriet, which means gorgeous house oogling will occur!

What does your schedule look like this week?


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