Race Recap: Twin Cities 5K

We are winners.

We are winners.

Time: 37:15 (11:54 pace)


Now that we got that out of the way, here’s the rest of the recap 😉

This was the first race I did with my sisters! Back in August after I finished my first race, I caught the racing bug and signed up for two more races. I suggested strongly to my sisters that they run the Twin Cities 5K with me. And by suggested strongly I mean I registered them and told them they owed me $37. Thankfully they weren’t tooo upset, and we ended up having a blast!

We planned a fancy, light dinner at Molly’s house the night before, but she was stuck late at work (you know, trying to put a shoulder back together, no big deal), so we ended up at a restuarant. It ended up being a lot of fun and we shared a lot of laughs and tips to get through the next day.

The morning of we met at Emmi’s apartment and took the train to the State Capitol. We killed some time, froze our butts off (seriously, there was a cold breeze on my butt in the porta-potties), drank free coffee, and psyched ourselves up. Emmi was worried about the race because she hadn’t run in almost two weeks, so she was pretty excited just to avoid a DNS 😉

The race touted a “beautiful downhill finish!” But what it didn’t mention was that because this was an out-and-back, it also had a MURDEROUS OMG WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING WHEN I SIGNED UP FOR THIS starting hill. As in, here is the elevation map:

Murderous I tell you.

Murderous I tell you.

After the giant hill, things weren’t quite so bad. I felt pretty good throughout, although at about the halfway point my muscles felt so slow and tight that I was convinced I wasn’t going to get my sub-12 pace goal. Cold temps and horrid wind will do that to ya.

I knew I was going to lose Molly right away, what with her long legs and her relatively active lifestyle, but I figured Emmi and I would pace together for a while. Nope. Not so much. As soon as we conquered that hill she was off! But we all met at the end to get our over priced “official” photos taken.

Speaking of which, I should have Molly’s fiance who also happens to be a photographer come to all my races.

I look like I'm trying to remember the quadratic formula.

I look like I’m trying to remember the quadratic equation.

The finish was amazing. With the Cathedral on my left, the Capitol in front of me, and a super awesome downhill under my feet, I soared down the last half mile! I pretended I was a marathon runner (because that’s the same finish they had the next day) and that made me feel a little cooler than just running a silly 3.13 miles.

In the end, I was super excited to learn that I’d gotten my goal of a sub-12 minute pace (with negative splits throughout!),  Molly was seven seconds away from her goal of a sub-30 minute run, and Emmi ran the best and fastest she’s ever run before! PLUS it was Emmi’s very first race EVER, so I’m only a tiny bit proud of her … or maybe a bit more than that. And both were quick to register for the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving with me (only they’re doing the 5K while I torture myself on the 10K).

We got awesome medals to commemorate our run, and we’re excited to get back together again and trot for some turkeys!

No really, we are winners! (in our own minds)

No really, we are winners! (in our own minds)


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