Race Recap: Mill City Suds Run 5K




(Another post from the future! Last one, I swear!)Suds Run 2014Time: 40:31 (according to RunKeeper, this race was actually 3.33 miles, making it a 12:09 pace)

As much fun as I had during my first run, I had so much MORE fun here! Due to scheduling, Tim and the kids couldn’t be at the race with me. The boy had a soccer game that I didn’t want him to miss on account of my race. So instead my mom came to cheer me on!

I had been registered to run a race for our city festival, but it ended up being cancelled the week before! I was bummed that I wouldn’t have a race that weekend until I looked online and found a beer run! BEER!! There was no hesitation in registering!

This race was considerably colder than my last one. That one was humid and close to 80 degrees. This one was in the 40s or 50s? No idea. All I know is that I was positively shivering waiting for this to get going. There were tons of porta-potties, which was great because I had two-fisted a latte and a giant bottle of water all morning. After using it for the second time, it was time to corral up.

We self-seeded due to pace time. There was a 8 minute pace and lower group, 9 minutes, 10 minutes, 11 minutes, and walkers/pets/strollers. I run a 12 minute pace on a good day, so I joked that I’ve have to line up with all the dogs! I put myself in the 11 minute group, though, and that turned out fine.

Of course, the minute I started running, I had to pee like a race horse. So that was fun. I spent a large majority of the run looking for a porta-potty!

Like I said, this was a beer run, but they also had a costume contest! It was fun seeing all the different ways people dressed up. In fact I spent a chunk of the race pacing with a group dressed as Mario Kart players! I also went back and forth with a guy dressed as Duff Man. No lie, every time I passed him I wanted to say in my best Duff Man voice “Duff Man! Can’t breath!”

I felt really confident during this race. At no point did I think WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING SOMEONE COME GET ME THIS IS RIDICULOUS WHO RUNS FOR NO REASON. Well, maybe a little. Plus it was a loop so I didn’t have to see all the elite runners flying past me!

Just past mile 2 was a beer pit with porta-potties (and a live band, which was fun), but I’d been making such good time I decided I could hold it in for another mile and save my beer for the end.

Finally I saw the Mile 3 marker, although it was a considerable distance away from the finish line. I knew there was no WAY the finish line was only .1 miles away, and according to my phone, I was right! Still, though, I finished really strong and ended up getting a PR (which, honestly, when this is only your second race, that’s not all that hard to do).

My mom met me at the finish and I gave her one of my two “free” beers while I enjoyed my “free” lunch (I say “free” because let’s face it, I paid $40 for this race).

Finnegan's Irish Amber is probably the best post-race hydrating you can do.

Drinking Finnegan’s Irish Amber is probably the best post-race hydrating you can do.

The energy at this race was so fun! Everyone was there to have a good time, no matter what. Plus also there was beer at the end. Lots of beer. And it was all before noon. Obviously. I will totally be running this race again next year! Next up: the Twin Cities 5K!


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