Race Recap: Reading is Fun Run 5K

(I’m writing this from the future. I wanted to have recaps for all the races I’ve run, and since I never wrote one after this race, I’m doing it now!)


Time: 40:21 (12:59 pace)

I did it! I finished my very first 5K race! Even when I ran cross country in high school I never ran a race longer than 2.5 miles. But now I have! I finished the race in 40:21, just shy of my dream goal of a sub-40 minute race.

The race was both awesome and terrible. Halfway through I started wondering why in the heck I did this. I mean, the course was through a nature reserve, which means ALL THE HILLS OMG SOMEONE KILL ME. I walked up most of the hills, but I made myself run all the downhills and straight-aways. It was an out-and-back course, which means I wasn’t even close to the turn-around point when a kid who couldn’t have been more than 13 flew by the opposite direction. Show off.

While the race itself wasn’t anything fancy, the end was something I won’t soon forget. The kids had spent the night with the grandparents, so they weren’t there at the start of the race. They came by just before I finished, though. As I was running towards that finish line (thinking OH THANK GOD THERE’S THE END!!) I looked over and saw my people. My face broke into the biggest grin (as you can see in that picture)! I was reminded that the real reason I started this was for those two kids. It was so I could play with them and chase them without feeling like I’m dying. And the fact that they were there to cheer me on meant the WORLD to me!

They met me in the finish area, and my boy handed me my first race medal. Tim had gone to a local trophy shop the night before and bought one so the boy could give it to me. I wore that sucker all afternoon!

Of course, it was after this race that I decided running (specifically racing) was fun, and went and signed up for more! I’m so excited for the next one!


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